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Care for the Health of Elderlies

Since 2006, we have been fully supporting the Southern Doctor Medical Team and spreading the message of care through Free Medical Service. We donated funds to build hospitals in the Mainland to support local medical needs. The Free Medical Service team has also traveled to many areas and conducted Free Medical Service.

The purpose of the fund is to impart knowledge of Chinese medicine and health care to the elderlies.

Cultivate the Dilligents

Mr. Yeung deeply understands the important influence of education on the growth of young people. He has donated funds and helped the poor in education Yuexiu, Guangzhou for several consecutive years.

Mr.Yeung also subsidized young people with family difficulties to enter universities, and funded the construction of a number of hope primary schools. He also donated learning materials that were needed such as sports shoes and stationery.

Promote Inter-generational integration

We sponsored in various youth training organisations, such as the Youth Concern Association.

We wish that during the activities, elderlies are able to use their wisdom and experience in life, while the young people can show innovative ideas, develop their own strengths, increase communication, and create a harmonious society.

Care for the Health of Elderlies

自2006 年開始,本基金一直全力支持南方博士醫療隊,藉義診宣揚關愛信息。基金在內地捐助建醫院,支援當地醫療需求。義診團隊亦曾前往超過10個地區及進行義診。國內的義診每次逾50名醫師參與,平均每次受助人數高 達1500人次。


助學濟貧 培育棟樑


Promote Inter-generational integration

榮華慈善基金亦曾先後多次贊助不同的青年訓練計劃,如青年關注社的「珍惜。感受」,贊助青年到內地護老院服務。 希望透過活動,給予年輕人一個平台認識社會有何需要,引導他們身體力行,回饋社會。 亦均參與善德百萬行活動。

本基金宣揚「百行孝為先」。過去多次的探訪活動,均會鼓勵年輕人參與,冀望促進跨代共融,長者利用豐富的生 活智慧經驗,青年人則盡展創新思維,各展所長,增加長青溝通,締造和諧社會。